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Upcycling CO2
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Jonny Muller, CEO
“Ancient cyanobacteria were responsible for creating the oxygen-rich atmosphere which gave rise to life as we know it on earth. Now, CyclicBio is giving it a new purpose in our everyday lives to create high value chemicals and reduce CO2 levels.”
Concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 20% in the past 40 years - and is still increasing.

During the last century, an oil economy fueled advances in chemistry creating drugs, industrial materials, food, and energy. This century is looking to the bioeconomy and engineering biology to provide more sustainable alternatives to heal, feed and fuel us.

Based on groundbreaking decarbonization research at Imperial College, CyclicBio has engineered microorganisms called cyanobacteria to convert CO2 into chemicals replacing those made by fossil fuels today. For example, their beachhead market is the $38B Flavors & Fragrances sector, starting with a range of sustainably produced lactones. Compared to current processes, CyclicBio’s technology can produce 30X less GHG emissions.