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Re-carbonizing soils with supercharged microbes
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"Regenerative agriculture goes beyond sustainability; it revitalizes existing systems to full health, fostering healthy soil and plants. It provides a system solution to a system problem."
Over 34% of crop and livestock production loss is traced to drought, costing the sector $37 billion. To meet food security, the United Nations predicts by 2050, food production needs must increase by 60%.

In discussions surrounding climate change, there is often a focus on the negative impacts of high carbon levels in the atmosphere. However, it’s important to recognize that carbon itself is not our adversary. Instead, CroBio is leading the charge against years of unsustainable practices by restoring the balance of carbon between the soil and the atmosphere. With their innovative technology, they introduce cellulose-producing bacteria directly to plant roots. This process boosts carbon levels in the soil while also increasing water retention by more than 20X. By harnessing the power of the carbon cycle, CroBio’s advanced biotech solution enables the large-scale capture and sequestration of carbon emissions. This approach not only revitalizes soil health but also fosters biodiversity, improves food security, and paves the way for a more sustainable future for everyone.