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Carbon-neutral concrete
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Johann Quincy Sammy, CEO
For every metric ton of concrete we produce, more than half of it is sequestered carbon. That's more than 10X what are competitors are doing
Concrete production comprises 8-10% of the global carbon emissions, and concrete usage isn't going to stop anytime soon

Concrete is one of the oldest forms of building materials, made of limestone aggregates and the cement that binds it. But making the limestone aggregates involves a chemical reaction takes millions of years to do naturally. Carbix has created a reactor that can do this millions of times faster, all while taking emitted carbon and embedding it into the concrete.

This is local, sustainable, carbon-neutral concrete. Their reactor can embed 20X more time CO2 than most of the competitors out there. For every metric ton of concrete produced, more than half of it comprises of sequestered carbon. A single reactor with a 1 cubic meter array can clean up an entire neighborhood of energy production, and produce enough concrete for the foundation of 500 single family homes. With Carbix, all concrete can be carbon-neutral.