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Calder Biosciences
Creating Next-Generation Vaccines to Protect Against Infection
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“Developing increasingly challenging vaccine targets requires increasingly sophisticated technologies.”
Over the last century, vaccines have made essential contributions to the doubling of human life expectancy. Calder engineers next-generation vaccines that will further protect against the most intractable and life-threatening viruses.

Viruses have evolved to become shapeshifters that can evade and distract our immune system by hiding some of their most vulnerable sites. History has shown that pandemics are not only lethal but also inevitable. Currently, the vaccines we know best poorly protect against pandemics and other viral outbreaks and leave many at-risk populations unprotected. By combining structure-based design as part of a novel manufacturing process, Calder’s unique 3D-Vaxlock technology generates molecular staples that lock vaccines into their most potent shape. Their initial focus is on generating a universal flu vaccine that protects against all seasonal strains and an RSV vaccine specifically for the elderly. With this platform, they have the ability to create treatments that better protect against life-threatening diseases with exceptional safety, efficacy, and durability. Calder’s next generation vaccines will prevent severe disease and deaths, alleviate a substantial burden on the healthcare system, and allow billions of people to lead healthy lives.