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Bucha Bio
Animal- and plastic-free biomaterial grown from infinitely renewable bacterial nanocellullose.
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Zimri T. Hinshaw, CEO
Wouldn't it be awesome to live in a world where people can have the newest clothes every 6 months if they want, but they're able to be disposed of: treated, returned and recycled or upcycled or broken down into their components and put into things like garden and compost.
The global leather industry is one the highest polluting, with over 4 million tons of solid waste produced per year.

Over 3,000 years old, leather is a part of humanity’s shared heritage and the material of choice for creators around the world. But the irreversible damage of the animal and plastic leather industries is unacceptably unsustainable, driving the world’s leading brands and creators into action on a search for a new sustainable solution. Bucha Bio materials are entirely animal & plastic-free while preserving the characteristics that creators love about leather: a classic texture, high durability, and boundless design potential.