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Blue Planet Ecosystems
Turn sunlight into fish
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Paul Schmitzberger, CEO
The world's oceans are polluted by microplastics and environmental toxins such as lead or fertilizer, which accumulate in the food chain and have potentially negative effects on sensitive people and those with health issues.
The percentage of fish stocks that are within biologically sustainable levels have decreased from 90 percent in 1974 to 65.8 percent in 2017

Aquaculture has its problems, with the majority of the fish being fed fishmeal and a constant stream of antibiotics, with all the waste effluent going back into the ocean, affecting the already ailing ocean ecosystem. What if we can recreate the ocean in a tank, decoupling it from our natural ecosystem, so that seafood can be generated just from the sun?

Blue Planet Ecosystems miniaturizes an ecosystem in a closed-loop, recirculating aquaculture system facilitated by computer vision, to turn sunlight into seafood. The sun feeds the algae, which feeds the zooplankton, which feeds the fish (no need for fish meal or pesticides!). Quality is controlled by computer vision, which monitors fish health. Best of all, this can be done on land, in the desert, without needing an entire ocean at your disposal.