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Atlantic Fish Co
Developing cultivated seafood to provide the world with delicious and sustainable protein
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CEO Doug Grant
"We want to help build a world where animals are completely removed from the food supply system and people can enjoy abundant access to delicious meat and seafood."
Seafood is the most widely-eaten animal protein in the world - 178M metric tons per year are harvested through fishing and aquaculture.

Approximately 50% of the world’s fisheries are currently fished at unsustainable levels as demand increases and climate change accelerates the collapse of our oceans’ ecosystem. Wildfish populations in particular are being pushed to the brink – many of these species cannot be grown via aquaculture and will go extinct with our current trajectory.

Atlantic Fish Co’s vision is a future that’s better for people, animals, and the planet — cultivated meat and seafood technology make this possible. They are developing cultivated seafood to provide the world with delicious and sustainable protein. Cells are harvested from the fish and fed nutrients in a bioreactor. Scaffolding is used to give the cells a structure to grow on and produce the texture of a whole fish fillet. The end product is real seafood, grown directly from fish cells but without the consequences of legacy fishing.

Their product is real seafood that is delicious, clean, safe, and climate-friendly – free of plastics, mercury, and antibiotics, and grown without animal suffering or environmental impact.