SOSV Climate Tech Summit
Nov 2, 2021
Climate tech VCs explain how to go from zero to funded

Climate tech has its own specialized collection of zero-stage programs that are aimed at helping startup founders get their businesses off the ground. At the SOSV Climate Tech Summit, David Rowan, founder of and author of Non-Bullsh*t Innovation interviewed four investors who know how to get climate tech startups started: Audun Abelsnes, Managing Director, Techstars Energy; Nina Heir, CEO, Katapult; Dr. Emily Reichert, CEO, Greentown Labs; and Po Bronson, General Partner, SOSV and managing partner for IndieBio. During the discussion, they revealed what they’re looking for in a startup—impact, ability to scale, and traction—and what qualities they look for in founders that bring a higher likelihood of long-term success. A few examples? Empathy, teachability, and the ability to go fast in line with venture capital expectations. Check out the video for more details.