Bio Market Insights
Oct 29, 2021
Bio-textile firm Bucha Bio lands new funding
Image courtesy of Bucha Bio.

In its story “Bio-textile firm Bucha Bio lands new funding,” Bio Market Insights reports that the New York-based SOSV IndieBio startup Bucha Bio (IBNY02 2021) has raised $550,000 to accelerate production of its planet- and animal-friendly material Mirai. The creation of Mirai involves fermenting nanocellulose and blending the resulting leather-like material with natural fibers, resulting in what the group describes as “advanced performance and luxuriously soft handfeel.”

Bucha Bio’s mission takes aim at the high-polluting leather industry which produces over 4 million tons of solid waste per year. With this funding from New Climate Ventures, Beni Venture Capital, Lifely VC, QKZ Design, and MicroVentures, Bucha Bio plans to introduce Mirai to companies across the fashion industry as “an ethical alternative to animal leather products including epoxy, vinyl, and latex.”