The New York Times
Feb 22, 2022
A taste of the laboratory-grown meat industry

The New York Times article “The New Secret Chicken Recipe? Animal Cells.” reports on the development of laboratory-grown meat with a particular focus on Upside Foods (SOSV IBSF02 2015), which awaits FDA approval to scale production of cultivated chicken at its new facility in Emeryville, California. In addition to a first-hand account of the Upside facility and its product, the author interviews celebrity chefs, academics, consumer experts, food influencers, and consumers about this impending new market.

About lab-grown meat Michal Ansky, an Israeli food journalist who hosts “MasterChef Israel” says, “Food is more than ingredients. Food is about memory and tradition and identity and longing… [In 20 years] people will look at us as crazy people who slaughtered chickens.”