Green Queen
Jun 1, 2022
Voyage Foods raises $36 million to make sustainable pantry staples

The Green Queen article “Ethical Pantry Staples Maker Voyage Foods Bags $36 Million To Accelerate CPG Aspirations” reports on a recent series A funding round led by UBS O’Connor and Level One Fund. SOSV, Horizons Ventures, and Social Impact Capital also participated in the round. 

California-based sustainable food startup Voyage Foods (IndieBio) reverse engineers allergen-free pantry staples, creating similar items while eliminating their negative impact on the environment. According to the article, the company’s first target products will include peanut-free peanut butter, cacao-free chocolate, and coffee bean-free coffee.  

“We’re future-proofing time-tested favorite foods so that we can enjoy them for years to come without having to worry about their impact on the environment and unjust labor customs that contributed to making them,” said Voyage founder and CEO Adam Maxwell.