Apr 8, 2022
MycoWorks faux leather Fine Mycelium on full display at NY showcase
Fine Mycelium in colors and textures, by MycoWorks

At a recent showcase in New York, NBC affiliate WNYT reported on MycoWorks (SOSV IBSF03 2016) in “Mushroom leather ready for the runway.” The video segment shows Fine Mycelium, the natural, plastic-free, leather alternative made by the startup in a wide array of textures and colors. The article indicates MycoWorks currently has a partnership with the luxury company Hermes and “is also in talks with other fashion companies about the possibility of using the material and is building a production facility that will be able to produce millions of square feet of Fine Mycelium a year.”

MycoWorks CEO Matt Scullin describes the company’s process: “Fine Mycelium is our patented way of growing the mycelium into this really dense, strong structure. It’s also really versatile. We can tune the properties as it grows to create different types of Reishis that have functionality even beyond that of leather today.”