Rajesh Grover

    Dr. Grover is a Scientist Entrepreneur and Innovator. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at The Scripps Research Institute and Visiting Investigator in the Synthetic Biology and Bio-energy Group at J Craig Venter Institute, La Jolla. His work is focused on understanding nature’s evolutionary solutions to biological challenges, so-called “phenotypic innovations,” and applying this knowledge to solve biomedical problems and creating new biomaterials. His most recent work is focused on developing revolutionary cell reprogramming technologies focused on age renewal phenotype, to turn back the clock. His research work has been published in top scientific journals such as Science and Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences and has many patents to his credits. He is a co-founder of a material science company. He is passionate about the intersection of science and technology with business. He believes in entrepreneurial solutions to global problems faced by humanity. He is a board member of University of California San Diego on campus start up incubator BASEMENT and Executive Committee member of  the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge, a business plan competition. He is a former leader of E. Challenge where his major achievements includes, raising money through corporate sponsorships, recruiting teams, due diligence of the competing teams, organize judging, marketing, branding and organizing educational events. If one has an idea or innovation, diving into entrepreneurship can appear confusing and intimidating, as there are many unknowns. To better communicate these risks to the young students and innovators, he co-directed and co-produced a documentary film name “Risking Aspirations,” which explores people’s passions that drive them to face the challenges of entrepreneurship, and to succeed. Rajesh is a great believer of entrepreneurship as captured in the quote:

    “A breakthrough today was a crazy idea yesterday”.

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