Aug 26, 2021
By IndieBio Team
Join IndieBio at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit

Since its founding, IndieBio has worked with biotech startups addressing the biggest challenges in human and planetary health. “Planetary health” isn’t merely a tagline, but a new reality that IndieBio companies have created by rewriting the way we make food, design materials, and utilize waste streams. The need to mitigate human-made climate change through novel technologies has never been more clear to anyone who has followed the news and observed the new norm of extreme weather.

IndieBio is joining its parent firm SOSV for an event all about climate tech. The SOSV Climate Tech Summit will be produced in conjunction with other VCs who have committed to using capital to build a better planet. Join top founders, investors, and policymakers to discuss how to accelerate the startup ecosystem taking on climate change.

The event is free and open to everyone. Register here to attend