Bloomberg Quicktake
Sep 1, 2022
IndieBio’s The EVERY Company leverages precision fermentation for animal-free egg whites
While alt-meats and dairy make up the bulk of the plant-based market, alternative eggs are a growing category. Screenshot: Bloomberg Quicktake

Bloomberg Quicktake recently tweeted a video highlighting three companies revolutionizing the alt-egg industry—one of which is IndieBio’s EVERY Company (IndieBio SF01 2015). 

The EVERY Company creates an animal-free egg white replacement using precision fermentation to mimic the characteristics of egg, including foaming, gelation, and nutritional properties. Bloomberg Quicktake interviewed EVERY founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo on how EVERY achieves its alternative egg by reverse engineering an egg’s basic building blocks: its hundreds of proteins. 

“All the proteins we work with are found in online databases. They have the same amino acid profile, the same nutritional profile [as eggs],” he says. “Our products are 100% vegan and they’re also 100% animal protein. And so we have this beautiful opportunity to essentially reimagine what the food of the future could look like.”

Catch Arturo at the 2:00 minute mark.