Nov 1, 2022
IndieBio’s OncoPrecision closes $3.3M seed round to personalize cancer treatment with “micro avatars”
OncoPrecision provides patient-specific insights that may help oncologists determine the best course of treatment and the biopharmaceutical industry to develop transformational therapeutics. Source: OncoPrecision

IndieBio’s OncoPrecision (IndieBio SF11 2021) recently announced the closing of a $3.3 million seed funding round, “OncoPrecision Raises $3.3M Seed Funding to Improve Cancer Patient Outcomes and Drug Development Efforts with “Patient Micro Avatars”. This most recent funding round bring OncoPrecision’s total funding to date to $4.2M.

The seed round included investors SOSV (IndieBio), GRIDX, New York Ventures, Creative Ventures, and Fundación Para el Progreso de la Medicine, among others.

OncoPrecision creates functional assays for individual cancer patients to help oncologists determine a personalized and effective medication plan. With this most recent funding round, OncoPrecision plans to develop Patient Micro Avatar technology that recreates a patients’ disease ex-vivo to determine the avatar’s response to both standard-of-care and exploratory treatments—all within a week’s time.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in cancer care when shifting away from the historic one-size-fit-all approach towards bespoke treatments that are tailored to each patient is a possibility,” explained OncoPrecisions CEO and co-founder Tarek Zaki. “We founded OncoPrecision to make that a reality.”