Jan 23, 2015
By Alex Kopelyan
IndieBio SF, Announces First Class of 11 Biotech Startups
IndieBio's First class

There is a major funding gap for very early stage bio-entrepreneurs. Backed by SOSventures, a $200million dollar VC fund, IndieBio is the world’s first accelerator dedicated to early stage biology startups.

We’re offering a total package of $100k, including $50k in cash, IndieBio, a dedicated biolab in San Francisco, brings together the world’s leading scientists and entrepreneurs to revolutionize the way biotech is done.  Startups receive free access for one year and a tailored program that helps scientists become experienced bio-entrepreneurs.  The 100-day program culminates in a demo day where the teams present to VCs and press the science and business of the company.

IndieBio is excited to announce its first batch in San Francisco kicking off on February 28.

Indie Bio SF: Session I—Spring 2015 (SI)


Eliminating the $750 million illegal rhino horn poaching trade by growing rhino horns made from rhino DNA and 3D printed keratin.


Enabling a thousand fold increase multipotent stem cell production over the industry standard, enabling a stable supply chain for regenerative medicine and basic research.


Creating a ten dollar real time blood diagnostics “lab on a chip” that can test for up to 50 diseases with one drop of blood, enabling field based, portable diagnostics anywhere in the world.


Enabling a 10-fold increase in yield for human bio-therapeutic antibodies used in the current $45B bio-therapeutics market.

Clara Foods

Producing ex-vivo egg whites that eliminate the current inefficient and inhumane paradigm of the egg battery farm industry, supplying the growing egg white market with a humane and less expensive alternative.


Integrating machine learning and computer vision for lab robots that will enable next generation scalable automation tools to triple the output of the $23B R&D industry.

Blue Turtle

A bioengineered probiotics therapeutics platform that enables the creation of “enzyme factories” in patients’ gut microbiome to treat diseases from protein deficiencies and result in treatments that are 100x less expensive than current therapies.


Bioengineereed textiles that eliminate the need for harvesting cotton, enabling fully customizable fabrics for the multi-billion dollar fashion and industrial textiles industries.

Arcturus Biocloud

Bringing a cloud-based science platform to education, makers, and non-scientists.


Open source bioreactors for every home, lab, and school.


Developing a first-in-class rare genomic variation database to give clear functional implications for human genome sequencing results.

About SOSventures

We are a collaborative team of engineers, designers, mentors, problem solvers, inventors, technology pioneers, entrepreneurs, and founders of global organizations. We are dedicated to our entrepreneurs and their vision of bettering the world.

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About IndieBio

IndieBio is short for Independent Biology, a new way for scientists, entrepreneurs, and tinkerers to shape their own destiny and make something that matters. At IndieBio, we provide seed funding and intensive mentorship to drive this transition in only three months and launch our graduate companies into the world of biotechnology to make their fortune.

For more information, please visit www.indie.bio