Jul 16, 2021
By Westley Dang
IndieBio San Francisco Class 11 Demo Day

Thank you so much to everyone who attended San Francisco’s Demo Day (virtually). We are so excited to present 13 companies who are impacting the future of human and planetary health. In case you missed it, you can watch the event, see company videos, and read the blogs by clicking here. If you are an investor and would like to get in touch with us, please see this page.

Aja Labs – plant-based hair extensions (Video)
Avalo.ai – faster gene discovery for the food system (Video)
California Cultured – cell based chocolate (Video)
Canaery – digitizing scent (Video)
Capra Biosciences – biomade engine lubricants (Video)
Innate Biology – fasting mimetic supplement (Video)
Lypid – phytofat, made from vegan oils to perform like animal fats (Video)
Oncoprecision – drug screening platform for oncology (Video)
Ozone Bio – emissions free adipic acid (Video)
Proteinea – biomanufacturing platform using insect larva (Video)
Sundial – plant based chicken wings, with skin and bone (Video)
Vertical Oceans – clean shrimp raised in urban towers (Video)