Partnership for New York City
Nov 6, 2021
IndieBio helps New York biotech sector evolve quickly
The view from IndieBio’s new home at 7 Penn Plaza.

The public-private nonprofit Partnership for New York City is “dedicated to mobilizing private sector resources and expertise to advance New York City’s standing as a global center of economic opportunity, upward mobility, and innovation.” 

In their recent post “SOSV’s IndieBio — New York’s Latest Launch Pad for Early-Stage Biotech,” the organization describes how “the commercial life sciences sector is entering a golden age in New York City, marked by explosive growth in the industry.” 

As part of that expansion plan, the nonprofit’s Partnership Fund worked with New York state to help SOSV bring IndieBio to New York City in 2019 and launch in 2020. Since then, IndieBio New York has supported 15 startups. The Partnership’s Q&A with the IndieBio team reveals more details about the program’s launch and about its role in developing New York’s burgeoning life sciences industry.