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July 11, 2015
By Alex Kopelyan
IndieBio and SpaceGAMBIT – Announce Partnership to Accelerate Space Biology
IndieBio and SpaceGAMBIT - Announce Partnership to Accelerate Space Biology

Today we’re delighted to announce our partnership withSpaceGAMBIT to accelerate Space Biology, we believe one of the weakest links in making humanity a multi-planetary species is the understanding and development of biotechnologies which could be deployed in every aspect of life in space.

In this partnership, IndieBio will be supportingSpaceGAMBIT with open source capacity building biotechnologies that have potential applications in space and SpaceGambit will be supporting IndieBio in developing novel biotechnologies that could have novel applications in space but would require experienced space industry partners.

SpaceGAMBIT democratizes space technology by funding open-source projects that tackle everything holding us back from being a spacefaring species. They work with partners and the maker movement to find out what’s keeping us stuck on Earth, engage the crowd to find solutions, and share the results with the world. They’ve worked with NASA and the White House, and are now adding IndieBio to their list of partners to help hack humanity to the stars.

Onwards and Upwards from your friends at IndieBio and SpaceGAMBIT!