Mar 13, 2023
By Ned Desmond
Founders, VCs: Join SOSV’s Human Health Matchup April 3-7

Human health is one of the twin missions at SOSV, right alongside planetary health. SOSV’s very deep health portfolio spans the HAX and IndieBio startup development programs in categories including diagnostics, therapeutics, medical devices, computational biology, assistive robotics, and more, in line with the SOSV Human Health 100 published last year.

That’s why on April 3-7, SOSV is hosting an ecosystem-wide Human Health Matchup. It’s virtual, on the Grip platform. It’s open to all (not just SOSV) health founders and investors. And we’re inviting M&A folks as well. The matchup is 100% free to participants.

Our goal is to help innovators in health tech meet new investors as well as connect with other founders and the corporate / bank M&A folks. 

The project is modeled on SOSV’s hugely successful climate tech matchup last fall, which produced over 1000 founder-investor meetings over four days.

The matchup event format is simple:

  • Until March 20: Apply Startup | Investor | M&A
  • March 21: We will send participants a link to the Grip platform, where they can start requesting meetings.
  • April 3-7: Meetings take place. Default meeting time is ten minutes, with an option to extend.

Because this isn’t our first matchup rodeo, we can say with a lot of confidence that if you register and request meetings, you will make valuable new contacts. Both founders and investors were super appreciative of the climate event last year and 90+% were eager to do it again.

So please join us!