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Backed by 300 million years of R&D
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Alex Greenhalgh, CEO
Our production process is 1000 times more efficient than that of synthetic fibers, and we our only waste product is water
The huge vats of boiling water used in silk production today represent 50% of the total energy consumed by its manufacture, and is the primary source of its large CO2 emissions

Spider silk is renown for being one of the strongest materials on the planet. Light as a feather but stronger than steel (by weight). Scientists have been to make artificial silk for a long time, but have failed to produce them at scale and in industrially amenable conditions.

Spintex has invented an entirely new, scalable method of making silk, using a naturally derived protein. Their critical insight is that, when it comes to spiders, how they spin fibers is as critical, or even more so, as the proteins they use. By mimicking spider spinning, and using a natural protein, Spintex is already surpassing premium silk in performance, with no compromise on look and feel. They’re starting with the textiles industry and will eventually move towards high-value medical applications.