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Higher signal to noise for cancer biopsies
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John Butler, CEO/CSO
I never intended on even giving a crap about cancer. It just happened. This isn’t a matter of me wanting to build a business, it’s a matter of wanting to help my wife.
1 in 4 patients don't receive conclusive biopsy results, largely due to low cell purity

When the team talked to oncologists about their pain points, they discovered that it all boils down to two things: slow time from biopsy to actionable result, and limited prognostic value because the data isn’t given them complete information. This isn’t surprising: 4-6 weeks to wait for biopsy results is a long time to wait for a cancer patient.

Quantumcyte can return information in less than a week and provide not just basic information to treat with standard of care, but other more important markers. The company returns 4x more data per sample because they have more precise methods and integrate AI into their system.
Their AI maps the tissue biopsy and identify specific regions (e.g., where the cancer cells are) to automate the analysis, thereby returning more precise data on significant portions of the biopsy, rather than losing it in the noise. Their AI gets better and better every sample it runs. This platform technology is extending beyond cancers, and currently testing on brain tissue and solid tissue (e.g., for psoriasis).