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Next-Generation Sample Preparation. In Solution.
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Harvey Tian, Ph.D., CEO
A simple, streamlined, accessible technology is the way of the future for genomic analysis.
Changing 7 steps and 4 hours to a single step and 40 minutes, for scalable genomic DNA preparation.

Biological sample preparation has not kept pace with the dramatic changes in analytical techniques. Nowhere is this more evident than in DNA sample prep, which continues to be a low throughput process serving high throughput next-generation DNA sequencing. This mismatch is limiting the accelerated uptake of next generation sequencing.

Inso Bio envisions a future of increased accessibility, where complex sample prep protocols are completed from start to finish with the push of a button. This is why we are developing next-generation platforms to streamline workflows leading up to sequencing, to give people more time to devote to science, discovery, and data, rather than wrestling with their samples.