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The future of fashion is plant-based and biodegradable
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Martin Stübler
"Reason number one, it's perceived as a luxury material. So margins are pretty good. And most importantly, reason number two, it's one of the most unnecessary causes for animal suffering"
20+ countries have either voted to ban fur farming, prohibited farming particular species, or introduced stricter regulations that effectively curtail the practice.

With recent bans on real fur going into effect across the EU, United States, and beyond, and a decline in customer acceptance of plastic-based furs, luxury brands are actively seeking novel sustainable fur alternatives to animal and synthetic furs. BioFluff is working on developing a cost-competitive, biodegradable, and high quality alternative to both.

BioFluff is the world’s first completely plant-based fur targeting the luxury clothing market. Their fur is plastic-free, GMO-free, and vegan, sourced from organic renewable fiber plants – no pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, petrochemicals or unsustainable raw-oil derivatives are used.

Their patented process provides a drop in solution to existing industries to produce already 14k square feet of material in our manufacturing location in Italy.