Oct 12, 2021
Catalog Technologies raises $35 million series B

TechCrunch reported the DNA-based data storage platform Catalog Technologies (SOSV IBSF04 2016) has raised $35 million in series B funding. Led by Hanwha Impact with additional support from Horizons Ventures, this round brings Catalog’s total raise to approximately $60 million. The article reports that the company’s “energy-efficient, cost-competitive, and more secure data storage and computation platform,” uses synthetic DNA to solve the problems of conventional electronic media. With the goal of commercialized use in 2025, the platform is expected to be used for “fraud detection in financial services, image processing for defect discovery in manufacturing, and digital signal processing in the energy sector.”

Speaking about the future of the platform, Nick Ha, vice president of Hanwha Impact Partners said, “Catalog’s technology represents a viable pathway to solve the issue of not only mass data accumulation and preservation but more importantly, the effective usage of data.”