Sep 25, 2022
Bloomberg points to Singapore-based Vertical Oceans for eco-friendly shrimp farming
Vertical Oceans
Bloomberg called Vertical Oceans’ aquaculture approach “a mashup of a data center and your local parking garage.” Source: Vertical Oceans

IndieBio’s Singapore-based aquaculture company Vertical Oceans (IndieBio SF11 2021) recently attracted attention in Bloomberg’s article, “Shrimp Farming Is Coming to a City Near You”. Bloomberg described how venture capitalists poured $39B into the food tech companies in 2021, according to Pitchbook Data Inc. Vertical Oceans in particular raised a $4M seed round led by SOSV and Khosla Ventures last year. 

Vertical Oceans has developed algorithms to manage shrimp production in autonomous tanks that will be located near onshore demand centers like Tokyo or Las Vegas. With its balanced ecosystem of shrimp, fish, and algae, Vertical Oceans bring “farm to fork” seafood to consumers within eight hours—cutting down on the devastating ecological effects of traditional shrimp farming. 

“We’re demonstrating what the future of efficient protein production could look like,” explained Vertical Oceans’ co-founder and CEO John Diener.