Apr 25, 2022
By IndieBio Team
Announcing the second annual SOSV Climate Tech 100, including 58 IndieBio alums

Now in its second year, the SOSV Climate Tech 100 is shaping up to be a great showcase for SOSV’s climate tech mission and investing. More than half of the companies on the list—58 to be exact—graduated from IndieBio. 

In the past year, the 100 have doubled in valuation, reaching more than $11 billion, and the amount of capital raised by the same companies also doubled, to reach 3.8 billion. The number of unicorns on the list  jumped from two (Formlabs, GetAround) to five (Perfect Day, NotCo, Upside Foods), and those five represent 10% of the climate unicorn count globally. 

In this post over at SOSV’s website, there is a lot more detail on the Climate Tech 100’s  founders and  investors, as well as the complete list. Also worth noting: the planning of this year’s SOSV Climate Tech Summit (October 25 – 26) is well underway (register now). We look forward to advancing the conversation about the emerging climate tech ecosystem with investors, founders, and leaders.