Ag Funder News
Nov 30, 2021
Aanika Biosciences raises $12M series A

In the exclusive “Aanika Biosciences raises $12M to boost food traceability with edible microbial tags,” Ag Funder News reports the synthetic biology startup closed a $12 million series A round led by Jon Cholak, managing director at Adit Ventures, and with participation from Draper Associates and SOSV. Aanika Biosciences (SOSV RebelBio) creates customized, edible microbial tags which are sprayed on shipments of food products for precise traceability as the food moves through the supply chain. 

The article indicates this level of precision in traceability can have dramatic impacts in public health, trade, reputation of the food company or business, and even the insurance industry. Aanika Bio CSO Ellen Jorgensen says their product “reduces the time and resources needed to track the source of an outbreak,” allowing a pathogen or other issue to be “contained and controlled, because you can trace it back to the source farm and then figure out exactly what to pull from the shelves.”