SOSV Climate Tech Summit
Nov 2, 2021
A closer look at next-gen alternative proteins

Seventy percent of Americans have tried alternative protein products, but the sector’s actual market share is still just around 3%. This suggests consumers are very open to new products, but making an impact on the climate is going to take wholesale adoption. At the SOSV Climate Tech Summit, Po Bronson, General Partner of SOSV, Managing Director of IndieBio, and co-author of Decoding the World spoke with founders of three alt-protein companies about how they’re preparing for what he says could be “one of the greatest consumer changes in all of history.” Dr. Lisa Dyson, CEO of Air Protein; Dr. Inja Radman, co-founder and CSO of New Culture; and Dr. Sandhya Sriram, CEO Shiok Meats discussed how they may scale production of what they are bringing to market and the solutions to the supply chain challenges that lay ahead for cultivated proteins.