Jun 9, 2022
By Parikshit Sharma
SOSV Climate Tech Meetup @Berkeley’s Brower Center

Thanks for coming to our meetup!

We appreciate you taking the time to join us. Hope it was as fun and interesting for you as it was for us!

In the photo: Engineering, Production, and Innovation Center (EPIC) Facility, Upside Foods (IBSF02)
Upside foods was born at a desk at IndieBio when it was just an idea of its founder, Uma Valeti

If you are (or want to become) a founder in climate tech, we’d love to hear from you.

IndieBio is here to shape the brightest and boldest ideas and inventions in climate tech into category-defining companies.

The huge facility in the picture above was a desktop bioreactor just a couple of years ago. Big things start small and scale fast! From the cell-based meats to the refinery of the future — we are decarbonizing and re-materializing the world with clean and green products. The founders we back take ideas at the cutting edge of science and engineering and masterfully scale them into iconic planetary health companies. You could be next!

For those that are registered for the TechCrunch Sessions Climate 2022 Conference from June 14, please check out this link for the awesome lineup of talks and roundtables.

We’re thrilled to be a part of a forum where we can learn from the painful lessons of cleantech 1.0 and focus on sustaining the momentum in this new era of climate tech. This time is different. Many members of our team will be speaking at the conference or facilitating roundtables.

Pae Wu, PhD, GP at SOSV and CTO at SOSV’s IndieBio will be sharing her thoughts on investing in climate tech on the main stage on the 14th of June, at 10 am.

On the same day, same time, Susan Schofer, PhD and Garrett Winther, Partners at SOSV’s HAX will be facilitating a roundtable on scaling deeptech startups.

You can catch Parikshit Sharma and Alex Kopelyan, Partners at SOSV’s IndieBio dive deeper into CAPEX in cleantech at their roundtable, a bit later at 11:45 am.

Wait, there’s more. We will be back with more events and our annual Climate Tech Summit, Oct. 25-26. Register now. It’s free.

In the meantime, see below the many ways to stay in touch.

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Climate. Food. Therapeutics. Materials. IndieBio companies include any and all sectors where biology can be used to engineer novel solutions.