Mar 1, 2022
Stämm Biotech raises $17M in series A for its next-gen, 3D printed bioreactor

TechCrunch” “Stämm Biotech raises $17M for its next-generation, 3D printed bioreactor” reported the series A round was led by Verana Capital and supported by several new and follow-on investors, including SOSV.  According to the article, Buenos Aires-based Stämm Biotech (SOSV IBSF07 2018) uses a 3D printer to create a bioreactor that employs microfluidics. The Stämm device creates a “dense network of microchannels that pass cells through the nutrients and oxygen they need.”

Although still in the early stages of commercialization, the startup says it is “working with one European biopharma company focusing on producing biosimilars” and has five potential new partners in the pipeline, aiming for “pilot scale” in 2022.