3D Printing Media Network
Mar 28, 2022
Prellis Biologics collaborates with Sanofi to expand production of organoids

3D Printing Media Network reported “Prellis Biologics to provide human lymph node organoids for research” and announced the startup will leverage its external human immune system (EXIS) in a collaboration and licensing agreement with the healthcare giant Sanofi. Prellis Biologics (SOSV IBSF05 2017) engineers fully-human lymph node organoids (LNOs) and recreates immune responses in vitro to deliver antibodies with significant genetic diversity.

The piece quotes Melanie Matheu, PhD, Founder and CEO of Prellis Biologics: “This powerful technology enables investigation of human B- and T-cell responses for a variety of applications, including antibody discovery and therapeutic immunogenicity. We are delighted to work in collaboration with Sanofi in novel antibody research with our differentiated approach.”