Shefaly Yogendra

    Shefaly Yogendra specialises in better decision-making. She draws upon tools from several disciplines to help ask the right questions and then to seek the most salient answers in complex and emergent environments, especially in regulated technology sectors.

    In her work on risk assessment and due diligence, Shefaly advises a diverse set of clients including private investors and funds, national and supranational regulators, and senior executives in highly regulated sectors. Earlier she has worked in corporate venturing, creating new businesses for one of India’s largest technology groups.

    Shefaly is the founding COO and Creative Director of Livyora, a London based fine and high jewellery company. She also carves out time to teach Critical Thinking to undergraduates and pedagogical methods to teachers in India, and is a member of the faculty at The Leadership Institute where she works with CxOs on better decision making.

    Shefaly has a PhD in decision-making and a Master’s in technology policy from the University of Cambridge, an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, and a Bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications engineering. She has also been a research fellow in MIT’s Engineering Systems Division.

    Living, studying and working on three continents has fed and watered Shefaly’s interest in the fine arts, architecture, music, cultures and poetry of the world. She reads extensively.

    Shefaly is happy to mentor entrepreneurs on startup business challenges, regulatory and other risks, and new markets.

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