Scott Shigeta

Newport IP, LLC

    Scott brings over 15 years of legal experience to his firm, having worked in both law firm and corporate environments.  Scott’s practice focuses on portfolio development, offensive and defensive patent infringement analysis, standards and open source licensing solutions, merger and acquisition due diligence and corporate IP policy development.  Scott has represented U.S. and international clients in procuring hundreds of patents in many technology areas.

    Prior to his current position, as a Senior Attorney at Microsoft, he led projects for a number of business units providing creative legal solutions that balanced the interplay between patent filings, open source releases and standards organization participation.  In another role, he worked directly with Bill Gates, Bill’s technical staff and the company’s top executives where he coordinated and moderated forward thinking innovation sessions. Scott also served as a product attorney for the Office and Server and Tools product groups where he synthesized global patent filing strategies. Prior to joining Microsoft, Scott worked at a law firm assisting Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies on a wide range of legal solutions.

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