Michael Siani-Rose

Michael has 20+ years of experience in regenerative medicine, biotechnology and bioinformatics. He is currently a project management consultant to Big Pharma/Biotech, directing projects that reach broadly across manufacturing organizations. Clients include Genentech/Roche, Kiverdi, Polymedics Innovations, Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD).

Previously, as President and Founder of Theregen he raised $10M and led the company through two Phase I clinical trials for the Anginera epicardial patch.  He has extensive expertise in computational chemistry, drug discovery and bioinformatics from positions at Chiron Corporation (now Novartis), Kosan Biosciences and Affymetrix.

Mike has over 35 publications, ten issued patents in drug discovery, laboratory automation, bioinformatics, and regenerative medicine. He received his BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester, did graduate work in Computer Science at UCSD, and attended the BioExecutive Institute in the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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