Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

Vaute Couture, Inc.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder of VAUTE, has been called the “Rebel of Fashion Week” (CNN)  “breaking runway history”, “the Most Influential Designer” (PETA), and 1 of 40 Redefining Green (Grist.org). She spent her life savings and quit a Ford modeling contract & full ride MBA (DePaul University) to start VAUTE, to create the future of fashion: high tech, high ethics, and high design, this means working with high tech mills to innovate new textiles and creating innovative apparel construction to set a new standard in outerwear. She’s the Fashion Expert at Alicia Silverstone’s theKindLife.com, and was named Conde Nast & Mazda 6’s female Gamechanger in 2013, opposite Bre Pettis (Makerbot). U.S. News & World Report said, “Hilgart is paving the way for future compassionate designers” and Leanne speaks worldwide on textile innovation, conscious capitalism, and social entrepreneurship.

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