Kristen Seim

Kristen Seim is a postdoctoral associate at Harvard University, where she works under the guidance of Prof. Emily Balskus.  Her research in the Balskus lab focuses on the characterization of the distribution and scope of xenobiotic metabolism by the human gut microbiota. She is currently using a combination of bioinformatics, metabolite profiling, heterologous expression, and biochemical techniques to identify new gut microbial metabolic pathways that may influence human health.

Before arriving at Harvard, Kristen earned her Ph. D. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley and worked with Prof. Matthew Francis on the discovery and development of novel site-selective bioconjugation methodology. Kristen’s research interests are motivated by a deep appreciation for the unique and vast metabolic capabilities of microbial organisms and their influence on human health and the environment. She is excited about the role biotech can play in recognizing and harnessing the metabolic potential of these organisms, and believes these efforts can and will drastically benefit human lives and the planet we inhabit.

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