Kinkead Reiling


Dr. Keith Kinkead Reiling, Ph.D co-founded Amyris, Inc. (formerly Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc.) in 2003 and served as its Senior Vice President of Corporate Development since January 2008. Dr. Reiling served as President of Amyris, Inc. from 2003 to January 2008. Dr. Reiling has been a Director of Amyris, Inc. since July 2008 and previously served as its Director from 2003 to May 2006.

He completed his doctoral studies at the University of California, San Francisco studying the structure-function relationships of viral and mammalian proteases. Prior to attending UCSF, he received his Masters degree in Applied Physics from Columbia University and B.S. in Physics from UCLA. He holds an M.S. in applied physics from Columbia University. Dr. Reiling also worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the American Cancer Society, where he studied the production of monoterpenes and diterpenes in microbial systems.

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