Bill Efcavitch

Molecular Assemblies

    Bill is the co-founder and CSO of Molecular Assemblies, an early stage biotechnologies tool company dedicated to re-inventing the way that synthetic oligonucleotides are produced. As one of the pioneers who commercialized the phosphoramidite synthesis method that is used ubiquitously as the feedstock for DNA synthesis, he and his colleagues are intending to develop a greener and lower cost approach to the biosynthesis of long, high quality synthetic oligos.  Molecular Assemblies is located in San Diego and is entirely supported by NSF and NIH SBIR funding. In addition, he is an independent consultant to a number of Venture Capital and Life Sciences companies, and a resident of the Bay area.

    Bill is a very seasoned R&D professional with 30+ years of experience in developing early stage research platforms to final product stage and commercialization. He has managed successful, high performance, interdisciplinary teams at Applied Biosystems, Helicos BioSciences, and Affymetrix which has resulted in an un-paralleled success in the commercialization of, amongst others, the most financially successful DNA synthesis platform, the DNA sequencer used to provide the bulk of the data for the original sequencing of the human genome, and the world’s first commercial Single Molecule DNA sequencer. He has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Ohio University.

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