Gernot J. Abel

Novozymes A/S

    Gernot is Science Manager and Innovator at Novozymes A/S, a global biotech company developing enzymes & microorganisms for some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Throughout his career, he has been paving the way for a green economy with more sustainable growth using solutions found in nature and matured in the laboratory. Experienced in working & researching globally across different countries, companies and cultures he has in the recent years been deeply involved in engaging Novozymes within Open Innovation.

    Making the traditional R&D environment disruption ready and establishing new ways  of collaborations, he is involved in the danish DIYBio community.

    Gernot earned his PhD at the Free University of Berlin, has extensive experience in Life Science, Assay development and Laboratory Automation.

    You can follow him on twitter @gernotJabel

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