Dr. Pavan Kambam

Dr. Pavan Kambam is an experienced bioprocess engineer with over 12 years of experience in development and scale-up of microbial fermentation based processes to produce biochemicals, proteins/enzymes and food ingredients. He is currently, the director of process development and manufacturing at Clara Foods that makes functional animal proteins using fermentation.

Previously, he had built, led and been a part of Bioprocess research, development and scale-up groups at Greenlight Biosciences, Kiverdi Inc, Cobalt Technologies, Qteros and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. Dr. Kambam completed his PhD degree in biochemical engineering from University of Massachusetts; Amherst where he developed and engineered synthetic co-cultures using quorum sensing systems for applications in industrial biotechnology. Preceding, he received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.

He is extremely passionate about sustainable chemical and food technologies and is committed to making it a reality. He has co-authored close to 15 publications, 5 patents and 2 book chapters related to metabolic engineering, fermentation process development and product recovery. He also holds MBA degree from Umass Amherst.
Focus Areas: Microbial fermentation, bioprocess development and scale-up, downstream product purification and recovery, process economic modeling, synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.

Focus Industries: Biofuels, biochemicals, food ingredients, enzymes/proteins, pharmaceuticals

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