Diego Rey


Diego Rey is a co-founder of GeneWEAVE which he started in 2010 during his PhD studies at Cornell University. GeneWEAVE commercialized a platform technology that enables the development of in vitro diagnostics for detecting bacteria and their antimicrobial susceptibility without the need for sample preparation. From 2010-2015 Diego served at GeneWEAVE’s Chief Technology Officer during which time the company raised $25MM in venture capital investment and grew to 50 employees. In August 2015, Roche acquired GeneWEAVE for up to $425MM. Diego currently serves as the Head of Research for GeneWEAVE, a division of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. where he continues to develop simple to use and cost effective diagnostics with the goal of reducing infections caused by multi drug resistant organisms worldwide.
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