David Mittelman


Mittelman has a well-established background in genomics. He participated in the Human Genome Project while at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and later received his PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Baylor College of Medicine. He completed his postdoctoral training at Baylor’s Human Genome Sequencing Center, under the direction of the centre’s director, Richard Gibbs, PhD, and started his own NIH-funded research program as an associate professor at Virginia Tech where he developed variant calling tools used by the 1000 Genomes Project and other large-scale sequencing efforts.
In 2013, he founded Arpeggi in a fragmented genome analytics market. Arpeggi’s focus was to extract the most data from genomic datasets using an integrated approach designed to scale well on local and cloud environments. Arpeggi was acquired by Gene by Gene in August 2013, and Mittelman served as the CSO at Gene by Gene and its flagship brand, Family Tree DNA. He later joined Tute Genomics and led Tute’s acquisition of Knome, an early pioneer in personal genomics. Tute Genomics was acquired by PierianDX in 2016.
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