Camilla Clarke

Female Algorithm Technologies, Leap Motion

    Cami is the founder and CEO of Female Algorithm Technologies, an early stage biotech company which is being heralded as “The most important invention for women since the birth control pill”.  She also founded The Hormone Project, the non-profit arm of Female Algorithm Technologies that was created to unite the world’s best doctors, researchers and scientists, support them in advancing hormone research and innovation in biotechnology and personalized health, and to give individuals a platform to be heard and to take action.
    In a previous life, Cami studied architecture at CCA, worked on fast track large scale hotel casino projects, followed by 5 years in Business Development at Herman Miller before returning to her entrepreneurial roots.  She has also founded OLG Financial Corp and EDDICE.  She has advised early stage startups and large corporations across all sectors on business strategy, product, business development, manufacturing, design, and branding.
    Cami is an avid proponent and participant of creating the future.
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