OneSkin is looking for a senior scientist to join our team and help us to disrupt the market for skin rejuvenation and human longevity as whole. The candidate must apply advanced concepts and techniques for drug discovery aiming to unravel senescence biology and other aging-related pathways with the goal of developing products that are able to reverse (skin) aging.


  • Demonstrate ability to join a team to identify early targets and to characterize related pathways for drug discovery projects
  • Support drug discovery processes transitioning from Hit to Lead for peptides and small molecules
  • Support drug discovery process using 3D in vitro skin model studies (including models to assess penetration, safety and efficacy of potential candidates)
  • Structure-based drug design utilizing computational modeling softwares
  • Integrate data across multiple research disciplines to evolve medicinal chemistry strategy as the project develops
  • Manage scientific strategy, timelines and team performance
  • Experience with effective leadership of functional and/or project teams and strategic planning in a small biotechnology company
  • Align and coordinate scientific direction and activities between internal and external scientists (academic and industrial CRO collaborators)
  • Drive project meetings with a focus on agendas, meeting minutes and actionable next steps
  • Summarize experimental data, present results in technical presentations and written reports
  • Propose ideas leading to new experiments or improving processes
  • Manage sub-projects or more challenging experimental plans
  • Participate and contribute in group and project meetings as required
  • Order general lab supplies and perform general lab maintenance and housekeeping
  • Effective organizational, interpersonal, presentation and communication skills.

Background and skills:

  • The ideal candidate should l have a background in science with prior experience managing projects in academic, scientific or drug discovery organizations
  • Bachelor degree required, PhD in biology or chemistry preferred
  • 5+ years relevant work experience, 1-2 years direct project management experience in academic, biotechnology or pharma industry settings
  • Ability to integrate a team in early target identification and pathway characterization for drug discovery projects
  • Evidence of advanced problem-solving, innovative thinking, strategic planning to deliver creative solutions
  • Ability to work collaboratively on multiple projects concurrently in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills with a keen attention to detail
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills to form and maintain strong relationships
  • Willingness and dedication to go above and beyond in pursuit of team goals
  • Experience with peptides and small molecule therapeutics approaches beneficial
  • Skin or topical area experience considered advantageous.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to

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