OneSkin is looking for a passionate Scientist to join our team and help us to build future groundbreaking products to promote human (skin) tissue rejuvenation. The ideal candidate will have a PhD or masters degree in cellular biology, bioengineering, aging or a similar program.

The candidate should be skilled in standard cellular and (skin) tissue culture, molecular biology, cellular biology, and desirably, drug screening techniques. This person is expected to function well within a team setting, be able to complete tasks on time, and communicate effectively with company management.

Our new research associate will be working with research, development, validation, and manufacturing of advanced human 3D skin models, testing compounds, helping to screen our candidates compounds to reverse senescence, and studying their mechanism of action. Experience in the field of aging or senescence, high-throughput screening, immunohistochemistry, or image analysis programs, such as Image J or Cell Profiler, is also very appreciated.


  • Master degree or B.S. with further experience in an academic or industrial project team
  • Expertise in cellular biology, molecular biology and tissue engineering
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States.


  • Work with our R&D team and execute cell-based assays and experiments
  • Be creative and promote the development of technology related to our core business
  • Help in the maintenance of the laboratory, promote teamwork and the conditions for project development
  • Report results to the company management, develop critical thinking over results, and bring new ideas to unveil scientific questions that align with our product development.


  • Full time salary + stock options.

Please include a CV and cover letter in your application. Apply by email at

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