BioAesthetics is focused on transforming lives through advancements in biomaterials. The company has developed NACgraft – an acellular biologic graft for regeneration of the nipple-areolar complex for mastectomy patients, which it expects to enter the clinic in 2020. The company is developing additional products for reconstructive procedures.   

Location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
BioAesthetics is looking for a full-time R&D Scientist who will be responsible for leading scientific initiatives. Preferred background includes biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science/engineering, or polymer chemistry. The position will be a combination of desk work and hands-on lab work including the handling and processing of biologic tissue from many sources (murine, porcine, non-human primate, human, etc.). Experience in IHC, aseptic technique, cell culture, grant writing, and knowledge of biologically-derived ECM/polymers/ biocompatible materials is desired. In addition, the R&D Scientist will have the freedom to explore new techniques for new and existing projects.Responsibilities:
• Design and execute experiments, make observations, and interpret findings
• Record all data and results in specified forms (paper and electronic) with accuracy and responsibility
• Generate reports, publications, patent applications, regulatory submissions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), etc.
• Maintain equipment and assist in ordering laboratory supplies
• Ensure that all safety guidelines are followed strictly at all times and maintain a clean and orderly environment
• Prepare grant applications


Job Requirements

• MS or PhD preferred
• Degree in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science/engineering, polymer chemistry, or related field
• Highly self-motivated
• Good communicator
• Ability to work in solo and team environments
• Ability to teach oneself new fields and skills
• Ability to teach others
• Ability to initiate and manage day-to-day tasks effectively, including multi-tasking, flexibility and adaptability
• Ability to problem-solve in a creative and effective manner
• Ability to organize and present data
• Experience in laboratory safety, aseptic technique, and immunohistochemistry (IHC)
• Experience in the safe handling of animal (i.e. murine, non-human primate, etc.) and human tissue
• Knowledge of and experience working with biologically-derived ECM, polymers, drug delivery systems and/or biocompatible materials desirable
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