Full-Time-Stem Cell Neural Development

Are you a bioengineer excited about stem cell development? If so, then we have the project for you. Scaled Biolabs is looking for a talented stem cell bioengineer to lead and deliver on a CIRM grant-funded project to deliver clinical grade dopaminergic neurons derived from pluripotent stem cells, as a therapy for Parkinson’s disease. You will leverage Scaled’s breakthrough tools of high-throughput, data-driven biology to develop optimized, robust cell production protocols, ready for the clinic.This position reports to the Chief Science Officer.

Scaled Biolabs accelerates discovery and translation of cell therapies, to improve quality of life through regenerative medicine. Our core technology uses a miniaturized cell culture lab which runs nearly 10,000 experiments in parallel, and an advanced bioinformatics platform that turns single-cell resolution data into deep biological insight. We use this optimization engine to relieve the R&D bottlenecks of companies bringing on complex, advanced medicines such as cell therapies. We are a pre-seed stage, revenue positive, Indie Bio graduate company, and will be based at QB3@953.

Required Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in biological or chemical engineering or similar, with further postdoctoral- or senior scientist-level experience
  • Stem cell developmental biology or bioengineering skillset
  • Solid publication and patent record
  • “Process improvement” mindset and willingness to capture metadata to improve not just the science, but our fundamental approach as well
  • Enthusiasm for diving into non-standard, cutting-edge tools and techniques
  • Ability to complement academic rigor with a make-it-happen attitude to drive tangible results in a startup environment


  • Experience with microfluidics for cell culture and analysis
  • High-throughput or high-content screening experience
  • Scientific computing skillset

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Design, execute and report on experiments and overall scientific strategy in pursuit of achievement of grant milestones
  • Execute iterative optimization campaigns using design-of-experiments statistical techniques and Scaled’s microfluidics enabled stem cell culture optimization technology
  • Manage the support of a research assistant and possibly research intern on the project
  • Take on flexible responsibilities if and when necessary to play a role in the company’s overarching mission

Full time salary, equity, generous paid time-off policy

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Scaled Biolabs

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