Khepra is looking for a short term lab technician to run experiments on an ultrasonic reactor. The ideal candidate would be somebody with at least two years of college experience including wet lab work with a strong desire to conduct experiments and analyze the results. This role will include basic laboratory tasks (following written procedures, keeping a detailed log, measuring and weighing of solids and liquids, operating reactor machinery, following safety procedures, analyzing data, and communicating results) but is also an opportunity for someone who is interested in exploring the startup landscape to be a contributing member to a growing company. 



  • Execute laboratory testing according standard procedures, make observations and interpret findings
  • Conduct experiments under defined conditions to verify/reject various types of hypotheses using refined scientific methods
  • Organize and store all chemicals substances, fluids and compressed gases according to safety instructions
  • Record all data and results in specified forms (paper and electronic) with accuracy and responsibility
  • Maintain equipment and assist in ordering laboratory supplies
  • Report findings to team leaders and make recommendations during decision making sessions.



  • Experience in operating electrical and nonelectrical laboratory equipment and potentially dangerous substances (flammable liquids, high temperature systems, etc.)
  • In depth knowledge of laboratory best practices
  • Good physical condition and endurance
  • Working knowledge of MS Office (especially Excel) and database systems
  • Ability to work autonomously and under pressure
  • Pursuing degree in biology, chemistry, physics, or relevant field


About Us:

Khepra is an IndieBio-backed startup focused on developing and deploying a renewably powered ultrasonic process for waste to fuel production. Our mission is to help nations and communities around the world reliably access sustainable energy by deploying waste-to-fuels infrastructure. We believe that supplementing renewable electricity generation systems with an electrified waste-to-fuels plant can catalyze the growth of the renewable energy market while eliminating unsustainable amounts of waste.

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